Here is the naming conventions for resources (assets) that we are using internally at Lonely Bits Games. Using and getting comfortable with a strict naming convention is essential before your mods grows beyond a few dozen files. A lot of editor tools rely on resources names to apply specific optimizations and automation processes so it's important for the resource files to follow this naming scheme.
This naming convention is inspired by the Unreal Engine 4 naming convention.

Name structure: Prefix_FileName_Suffix.Extention
Example: SM_MyStaticModel.mdl

  • All files are named in UpperCamelCase.
  • All names preferably in English.
  • Resource type determines prefix.
  • Certain types (eg. textures) use a suffix to specify sub-types.
  • Use numeric values with 2 digits or more (example:
Resource Type Prefix Suffix
Static Model SM_
Skeletal Model SK_
Texture T_
Texture (Albedo) T_ _A
Texture (Albedo/Displacement) T_ _AD
Texture (Normal) T_ _N
Texture (Roughness/Metal) T_ _RM
Texture (Roughness/Metal/AO) T_ _RMA
Texture (Roughness/Metal/Displacement) T_ _RMD
Texture (Emissive) T_ _E
Texture (UI) T_ _UI
Material M_
SoundBank SB_
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