In the Dangerous Rays engine, resources/assets are used to build the game. 3D models, textures, sounds, material or config files, those are all some resources that can be used by the game to render it's graphics, producing sounds, or defining the gameplay. The engine resource system heavily rely on XML files as they can be easily read by humans (not in a binary form) and therefore it's much easier and flexible for modders to create new tools to interact with those files. The engine uses a very optimized XML file parser so a very large amount of XML files can be read in a few milliseconds.

All of those resources can (must) be managed with the Content Browser tool.


Even if XML files can be directly edited by using some text editor like notepad, it's heavily recommended to use the provided editor tools to deal with materials, configs and others resources that rely on XML files. Avoid manual XML modification as much as you can.


Resource files names must follow a strict naming convention to avoid any issues. A lot of editor tools rely on resources names to apply specific optimizations and automation processes so it's important for the resource files to have a strict naming scheme.

The engine support a large number of resource types. Here is the current list of them with a brief description for each one.

Resource Type File Extension Description
Animation .ani Binary animation file used to play animations on 3D models in the game.
Config .xml XML file used to configure or define various elements in the game.
Entity .xml XML file used to define entities that can be spawned in the game world.
Font .ttf, .otf Font file used to display UI text in various style.
Image .tga, .png, .jpg, .bmp Image file that can be imported as a texture in the game by using the Texture Converter tool.
Material .xml XML file defining shaders, parameters and rendering techniques that can be applied on a 3D model geometry.
Mesh .fbx, .obj FBX or OBJ mesh file that can be imported as a proper 3D model in the game by using the model converter tool.
Model .mdl Binary (proprietary file format) 3D model file that can be directly read by the engine.
Model Params .xml XML file that define some parameters applied on a model resource such as materials list that are applied on each geometries of the model for example.
Script .script Script file that can be used to code scripted events in the zones or new game elements.
Sound Bank .bank File that contains a collection of sound effects used for sound effects and music playback in the game. This file is produced with the FMOD Studio tool.
Technique .xml XML file that contains rendering and shaders information that can be used by materials.
Texture .dds Texture file in various DDS formats (see Texture formats and guidelines) that can be directly read by the engine.
Texture Params .xml XML file that define some parameters applied for a texture.
Zone .xml XML file that define a world (map). Contains a list of every entities used by the zone.
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