The “texture converter” tool is the tool used to convert images files to a .DDS compressed texture file that can be used by the engine.
Here is the list of image file format that can be converted to the DDS format used by the engine:

  • .TGA (preferred image format)
  • .PNG (preferred image format)
  • .JPG
  • .BMP

More information about the DDS texture file format can be found here.

Please Note

Please note that the texture converter can only convert images to 2D textures. Cubemaps or 3D textures are not supported at the moment.

When you open the texture converter from the editor you have 2 choices.

  • Convert one or multiple files.
  • Convert all file in the specified folder.

Once one or more file are selected with the content browser. You can set the conversion parameters.

At the bottom of the tool you can find the list of file that are being converted to textures. Here you can remove some file by clicking on the delete button of each file.
When your parameters are set you can click on the “Convert” button and the conversion process will begin.

At the end of the conversion process a popup will be displayed to show you all information you need to know. Read it carefully to see if something went wrong or not.

Auto Mode

If the auto mode is enabled then some conversion parameters will be automatically set according to the file names if they are following the naming convention.
Example: If a file is named “T_MyTexture_N.tga” it will be considered as a normal map and converted to DXT5 xGxR format automatically. This is the recommended conversion mode.


The auto mode will only be available if the image file(s) name(s) begin with “T_” as specified in the assets naming convention.
Open Texture Editor When Finished

If enabled then the converted textures will be opened in the texture editor once the conversion process is finished.

Compression Type

Choose between the various DDS formats that are available. You can find a description of each formats here.


It's very important to choose the right format according to how the texture will be used in the game.
Generate Mipmaps

Here you can choose if mipmaps will be generated for your texture. In most cases mipmaps are needed but textures that are used for UI typically does not need mipmaps to be generated.


Specify whether or not the texture need to be resized (this do not affect the source image).


Specify the size (width and height) of the converted texture. Only visible if “Resize” parameter is enabled.

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