The Content Browser is the main tool used for creating, organizing and open resources (assets) of Dangerous Rays.

With the content browser you can:

  • Browse all resources of the game and/or mods.
  • Perform some basic operations on files such as rename, delete, copy, cut, paste.
  • Quickly open resources with various tools. (texture editor, model editor…)
  • Perform special action on file such as opening it for editing in Notepad++ or open an image with Photoshop if those softwares are installed on your PC.
  • Search for some specific files inside a folder.
  • Open the currently browsed directory in the windows explorer.


When you need to copy, move, rename or make any operation on files/folders, it is heavily recommended to do it by using the content browser tool. The content browser will automatically resolve file references (in configs, materials and any other XML files…) preventing broken paths. Doing those operations under windows explorer can cause many unwanted issues.

To open the content browser press the F2 key when the editor is opened.

At the top of the content browser window you can find various tools:

Select Root Folder (1, 2)

Here you can select the root folder that you would like to browse. (currently “game” or “mods”)

Home Button (3)

Click on this button to return to the currently select root folder.

Open Current Folder With Windows Explorer (4)

Open the currently browsed folder in windows explorer.

Create New Folder (5)

Create a new folder in the currently browsed folder.

Search Bar (6)

Here you can search for a specifically named file into the currently browsed folder.

Current Directory (7)

Show the currently browsed directory. You can click on any element to jump back into the directory hierarchy.

When selecting one or multiple file in the content browser you can perform various actions depending on the file type.


Rename the file. If the file/resource is referenced in another file, then the reference is going to be updated automatically according to the new file name for convenience. You can check which file(s) has been patched by opening the dev console.


Copy the selected file(s).


Cut the selected files(s).


Paste the currently copied file(s).


Delete the selected file(s).

Find References

Show all references of the currently selected file. Example: for a texture file it will show every material file that is using the texture.

Open With…

Depending on the selected file type and the editor settings. Various options will be shown. Open with notepad++ for a XML file, open with texture editor for a texture and so on…


Rename the folder. File references will be patched automatically. You can check which file(s) has been patched by opening the dev console.


Copy the selected folder(s).


Paste the currently copied folder(s).


Delete the selected folder(s).


Enter to the selected folder.


Move back to parent directory.


Delete file(s) / folder(s).


Select all files / folders.


Rename file / folder(s).


Copy file(s) / folder(s).


Paste file(s) / folder(s).


Cut file(s).

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