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Dangerous Rays is using a in-house game engine, called “DR Engine” for now.
Programmed entirely in C++ and for the PC platform, DR Engine is made with flexibility, performance and modding support in mind. it's using the latest C++ standards (C++11/14), compilers and tools for max execution speed. DR Engine is in constant evolution and is updated each months with new features and optimizations. DR Engine is meant to be used for several years to serve Dangerous Rays visuals and gameplay.

One of the main key feature of the engine is it's extended modding capabilities. Allowing regular or total conversion mods to be made for Dangerous Rays.

This game engine is coded by OldSnake, the lead developer of Dangerous Rays. The engine is originally based on a old version of Urho3D engine. At the present day, a large part of the original Urho3D code has been rewritten.
The engine is not available for licensing.


  • DirectX11 renderer
  • Deferred Rendering
  • Physically Based Rendering (PBR)
  • Hardware Tesselation support
  • Geometry shaders support
  • Fully dynamic shadows and light sources
  • PCF & Variance Shadow Mapping support
  • HDR rendering
  • ACES filmic tone mapping
  • Advanced shaders
  • Bokeh Depth Of Field
  • Color Grading
  • Temporal dithering support
  • Multithreaded occlusion culling
  • Contribution culling
  • Advanced post process effects (SSAO, chromatic aberration..)
  • FXAA & SMAA antialiasing support
  • Vegetation antialiasing
  • Linear and gamma correct lighting pipeline
  • Physically based lighting units
  • Volumetric light shafts
  • Advanced particles effects
  • Realtime water reflections
  • Lit particles support


  • Unlimited world sizes
  • Fast terrain rendering system
  • Multithreaded terrain vegetation system
  • Seamless indoor/outdoor transitions
  • Underground structures support
  • Realistic daycycle
  • Dynamic weather system
  • Terrain smooth LOD transition support
  • Detailed vegetation (dynamic wind animation, advanced interactions…)


  • Powered by NVidia PhysX
  • Multithreaded physics calculations
  • Fast and precise collision solver
  • Advanced constrains (joints) support
  • Fast ingame physics shapes cooking
  • Decomposed convex hull physics shapes support


  • Navmesh based navigation system
  • Navigation dynamic obstacle avoidance support
  • Crowd navigation support

Animation System

  • GPU Skinning
  • Animation blending
  • Animation trigger system
  • Advanced Inverse Kinematics system

Audio Engine

  • Multithreaded sound engine powered by FMOD audio system
  • FMOD Studio tool integration
  • Multichannel audio support
  • Speed of sound simulation
  • Dynamic reverb
  • Dynamic occlusion
  • Advanced DSP effects
  • Dynamic sound editing system


  • Accessible syntax based on the C/C++ language
  • Runtime compiled
  • Debugging support
  • Extensive scripting API documentation

Modding Support

  • Flexible modding system based on editable XML files
  • Advanced 3D map editor
  • Complete set of modding tools (model & texture converter, model viewer…)
  • Complete modding scripting API
  • Extensive modding documentation


  • Immediate mode UI rendering system
  • Fast UI rendering
  • True type fonts support
  • Video playback support
  • Skinnable UI


  • Advanced input device compatibility system
  • Complete Steamworks integration
  • Modern and fast IO system
  • Fast data compression/decompression support
  • Multilanguage localization support
  • Integrated screenshots capture system
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