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-**Release Date:** 07/05/2014 
-<panel type="​primary"​ title="​New">​ 
-- Added new gun "Count bullets in magazine"​ action 
-- Added new "​straw"​ surface type 
-<panel type="​primary"​ title="​Changed/​Improved">​ 
-- Improved terrain and grass coloration / shading 
-- Improved action menu (added auto-resize feature) 
-- Improved ballistics engine bullet penetration deflection simulation 
-<panel type="​primary"​ title="​Fixed">​ 
-- Fixed player properties being not saved (health, hunger...) ​ 
-- Fixed impossibility to change gun bullet type bug  
-- Fixed impossible to climb ladders after loading a save bug  
-- Fixed bullets not penetrating straw bales  
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