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-=====Alpha 17b Changelog===== 
-**Release Date:** Coming Soon 
-<panel type="​primary"​ title="​New">​ 
-- Added "​Equip"​ player action for weapons 
-- Added 1920x1280 display resolution support 
-- Added 3200x1080 display resolution support 
-- Added 3440x1440 display resolution support 
-- Added 3840x1080 display resolution support 
-- Added 3840x2160 display resolution support 
-- Added 4480x1440 display resolution support 
-<panel type="​primary"​ title="​Changed/​Improved">​ 
-- Reduced Depth Of Field blurring amount 
-- Reduced player head bobbing amplitude by 50% 
-- Player now automatically re-equip last used item/weapon after dropping/​throwing a grabbed object 
-- Player now automatically re-equip last used item/weapon after going up or down a ladder 
-- Slightly improved road meshes generation performance 
-- Updated alpha 18 status info message ​ 
-- Improved game shutdown process 
-- Removed Physx GPU acceleration support (fix some performance and compatibility problems with newer GPU's) 
-- Removed AVX and AVX2 versions executables (confusing for players and marginal performance gain) 
-- Changed default screenshot key to F11 instead of F12 as it way conflict with Steam screenshot system if using Steam Overlay 
-- Removed world size setting when creating a world since it was not relevant anymore because the zone switching feature is currently disabled 
-- Simplified the world creation process ​ 
-- Removed irradiation icon from player GUI as player irradiation is not implemented yet 
-- Pressing the sleep key does no longer unequip the currently equipped weapon/item 
-- Slightly improved zone construction speed 
-- Minor performance optimization 
-- Minor gameplay adjustments 
-<panel type="​primary"​ title="​Fixed">​ 
-- Fixed zombies completely ignoring building and objects for their navigation 
-- Fixed frozen zombies AI after loading a zone 
-- Fixed big FPS drops when player was near big camp fires 
-- Fixed bright water rendering issue 
-- Fixed bright clouds at night issue 
-- Fixed terrain vegetation system issues 
-- Fixed localization issues 
-- Fixed some compatibility issues 
-- Fixed random crash on startup issue 
-- Fixed bloom effect related graphic artifact issue 
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