Alpha 17a Changelog

Release Date: 21/12/2016


- Added information message about Alpha 18 update status


- Increased structures/objects generation density
- Traveling between zones feature is now disabled as it is very unstable and cause game crashes. (This feature will be back in the Alpha 18 version of the game)
- Added ammo boxes loot type in regular breakable crates
- Balanced loot in breakable crates
- Reduced roads generation fatal error probability
- Zombies spawning density increased by 50%
- Zombies are now less easier to kill when hitting them in the dead with a melee weapon or a gun
- Zombies can now be killed by damaging their bodies / legs / arms…
- Improved roads network density
- Improved engine stability
- Slightly improved engine performance
- Inventory can now be closed by pressing escape key
- It is now less difficult to break crates
- Disabled player collision with broken crates debris to prevent some issues


- Fixed freezed zombies after loading a saved zone issue
- Fixed freezed zombies when damaged issue
- Fixed knocked zombie animation not working
- Fixed very dark shadows issue
- Fixed player UI visible in zone generation loading screen
- Fixed invisible items in player GUI items bar after loading a zone issue
- Various other small fixes

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