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-**Release Date:** 30/09/2014 
-<panel type="​primary"​ title="​New">​ 
-- Complete user interface style overhaul 
-- Complete player HUD interface overhaul 
-- New "Skip Nighttime"​ function (accessible with T key) 
-- New "​Vignette"​ post-process effect 
-- UI custom skins support ​ 
-- Shotguns engine support (first shotgun will be added in the next update) 
-- Buckshot and slug shell "​bullet"​ type support 
-- Added sound when activating glowsticks 
-- Added sound when dragging items in inventory 
-- Added 3 alcohol bottles food item (alcohol negative effect on player will be added in the next updtate) 
-- New gun slide animation system, gun slide parts are now animated ​ 
-- Added new user interface text font to replace the old generic one 
-<panel type="​primary"​ title="​Changed/​Improved">​ 
-- Improved text rendering 
-- Optimized meshes culling algorithm 
-- Reduced aliasing ​ 
-- Improved smoke texture 
-- Improved player inventory user interface 
-- Improved XML configs system performance and reliability 
-- It is now possible to unassign the item from the assigned items bar by pressing the key (from 1 to 9) already assigned to the item. 
-- Improved guns simulation performance 
-- Slightly improved XML configs loading speed 
-- Various engine code architecture improvments 
-- Game now automaticaly launch "​DangerousRays_avx.exe"​ or "​DangerousRays_avx2.exe"​ if a proper compatibility with your CPU is found 
-- Reduced Z fighting graphic artifacts 
-- Various other small changes 
-<panel type="​primary"​ title="​Fixed">​ 
-- Fixed numerous issues regarding AI navmesh generation 
-- Fixed some wrong impact sounds localization 
-- Fixed player interaction cursor active when displaying game main menu, console, inventory screen... 
-- Fixed some audio engine crash opportunities 
-- Fixed various small issues in audio engine 
-- Various other small fixes 
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