Alpha 13 Changelog

Release Date: 30/06/2014


- Player now spawn in his small survival bunker
- Added underground structures support
- Added new ingame ambient music system
- Added 4 new food objects (will be used in Alpha 14)
- Added terrain fake shadows system
- Added 4800×900 resolution support (triple screen)
- Added “Music Volume” slider in settings menu


- Improved objects physic bodies generation system (50% faster)
- Improved procedural terrain sattelite texture generation quality and color variation
- Improved structures templates system (building interiors are further more improved)
- Sun lighting improvements (less brownish tint and more realistic)
- Improved sound engine performances and compatibility
- Optimized objects action menu memory consumption and processing speed
- Optimized objects spawn time
- Improved fog simulation
- Improved existing buildings interiors
- Replaced electric poles meshes by better ones
- Improved trees trunk texture
- Reduced thunder activation probability
- Improved thunder simulation performances
- Reduced ambient light blue tint
- Improved meshes LODS system performances
- Improved daycycle performances
- Various engine optimization and memory handling improvements


- Fixed some crash opportunities
- Various small bug fixes

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