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-**Release Date:** 17/06/2014 
-<panel type="​primary"​ title="​New">​ 
-- Added new "Cone Step Mapping"​ engine graphic feature (this feature will be used in Alpha 13) 
-- Added two new building in the world generation ​ 
-- Added more than 15 new decorative objects for actual and future use 
-- Added a system in the engine to handle some special patching task between versions of the game. 
-- Added 5760x1080 (triple screen) resolution support 
-<panel type="​primary"​ title="​Changed/​Improved">​ 
-- Improved large quantity of textures by adding details maps 
-- Improved structures generation speed by 50% 
-- Optimized game engine core (5% to 10% performance speed improvement) 
-- Optimized shaders system 
-- Added / improved objects names and descriptions 
-- Improved generic trees meshes 
-- Improved grass color variations 
-- Improved Navmesh generation speed 
-- Improved Navmesh memory management 
-- Mouse cursor is now centered when arriving on the game main menu 
-- Improved game launch speed 
-- Improved grass shader performances 
-- Improved road border trees generation ​ 
-- Optimized bushes rendering speed 
-- More decorative objects can be stored in inventory ​ 
-- Trees are not spawning outside playable area anymore to save memory. 
-- Reduced tall grass height 
-<panel type="​primary"​ title="​Fixed">​ 
-- Fixed PhysX "​Cuda"​ error message on startup with AMD graphic cards 
-- Fixed some errors in material files  
-- Fixed some incoherent possibility to lift some really big and heavy objects 
-- Fixed some camera movement bugs when walking on stairs 
-- Fixed shadow rendering bug with straw bales 
-- Fixed error "​Error:​ getFilesList() function: invalid file handle for filter mods\*. Error is: 3" 
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