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-**Release Date:** 26/05/2014 
-<panel type="​primary"​ title="​Changed/​Improved">​ 
-- Improved player fall damage system for more flexibility / reliability 
-- Improved ALT-TAB support 
-- Improved windows 8 systems compatibility 
-- Improved Nvidia GPU auto detection when an integrated graphic chipset (example: Intel HD) is present on the computer. 
-<panel type="​primary"​ title="​Fixed">​ 
-- Fixed crash when loading a saved zone 
-- Fixed player dying on spawn issue  
-- Fixed player loosing health while simply jumping ​ 
-- Fixed sound issue when jumping 
-- Fixed sound issue when sprinting down a hill or stairs ​ 
-- Fixed crash at launch on some windows 8 systems caused by the "​Desktop display scaling"​ feature 
-- Random crash at "​smoothing terrain"​ generation step should be fixed 
-- Fixed player able to stance up / down when dead 
-- Fixed player able to abort game when dead (death is permanent so player should not be able to abort the game on the death screen) 
-- Fixed Steam overlay not working properly (if the game is added in steam game list, the game is not released on Steam yet) 
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