Alpha 10 Changelog

Release Date: 25/05/2014

Important Notes

- This is a complete version of the game and not a proper update. We recommend you to uninstall Dangerous Rays Alpha 9 before installing the Alpha 10 version.

- “cfg”, “save” and “screenshots” folders are now created in your user “C:/Users/UserName/Documents/DangerousRays” folder instead of “C:/Users/UserName/Appdata/Roaming” folder for more simplicity.
Because of this change you will need to tweak your game settings again.

- Previous worlds saves files are not compatible with this version and you will need to generate a new world.

- Irradiated trees are disabled for now, it will be added again later after some improvements.


- Added new zombie animations
- Added zombies sounds
- Added new buildings / structures (farm, water tower, 3 bus stops, gas station, shack)
- Added player fall damage (no broken legs for now)
- Improved AI navigation (AI is now able to correctly avoid static objects like barriers, rocks, cars… Most of the time)
- Added new zombie hit gore sounds (when hit by a melee weapon for example)
- Added new audio “global volume” setting in the settings menu
- Added more than 500 new textures for actual and future use
- Added more than 30 new objects for actual and future use
- Added new “penetrable” surface type config
- Added new “fabric” surface type config
- Added new “zombie” config type


- Improved loot distribution / placement, loot will now spawn on shelves, tables and other logic places
- Improved navigation mesh generation speed
- Improved navigation mesh precision
- Reduced navigation mesh memory usage
- Jump key can now be used to stance up
- Improved player jump
- Player walk / sprint speed now depend on the climbed terrain slope angle
- Increased woodaxe and baseball bat impact range
- Reduced screenshot sound volume
- Improved sound reverb calculations
- Improved “Supersampling” setting presentation in the settings menu for more clarity
- Zombies are now correctly aligned if they die on the terrain surface
- Improved terrain flattening algoritm
- Improved roads flattening algoritm speed
- Improved baseball bat texture
- Improved grass coloration
- Improved color correction effect
- Improved HDR and bloom
- Improved FXAA coverage
- Improved Texture sharpening effect
- Improved sound engine performances


- Fixed cut object name on inventory icons
- Fixed objects spawning on roof issue
- Fixed terrain geometry going through buildings
- Fixed buildings spawning on roads
- Fixed cut text in the action menu
- Fixed objects white border rendering bug
- Fixed rare physics engine, objects physic envelope generation issue
- Fixed rare double played sound issue
- Fixed some ingame crash opportunities
- Other minor issues fixes

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